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The wisdom of corporate wellbeing

Sophia's Way

Sophia’s Wisdom is all about coming back to remembering the core of your brand’s DNA – the united power of the Pack and its shared purpose for higher productivity through a living corporate culture and wellbeing.

By unlocking the full potential and hidden gems of every individual employee in your company, aligning ALL around your Brand’s purpose, the underlaying company’s corporate culture is activated and put back at the forefront. Oneness and the Power of the Corporate Pack inevitably soon starts to manifest itself as the company’s brand, marketing, communication and satisfaction with external and internal audiences, i.e. customers and employees. Making your brand the one ‘that feels right’.

That is Sophia’s promise – ignition and activation of your company’s full potential and hidden gems, rising productivity and ROI, while living your best Corporate Wellbeing.


Our Building Blocks

Sophia’s approach is based on three strong pillars:

Being: Personal strengths, Authentic leadership, Storytelling

Doing: Brand archetypes, Marketing communication

Living: Realizing resilience, Mindfulness, Wellbeing

These pillars are fortified by the principles of ancient wisdom captured in our brand’s promise – the archetype of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Sophia herself.


Through trainings, group workshops and executive wellbeing coaching sessions, your employees will become aware of their full potential – their strengths, motivators, drivers and what feels authentic to them, helping them live their integrity. They will start accepting and appreciating diversity and learning how to align and synchronise efforts with their colleagues. At the same time, they will discover the underlying corporate culture and start living it in their own authentic way. Through this process, they will recognise that they can live their full potential only if they start accepting personal responsibility for their actions and the changes they undergo.

Responsible and empowered employees are the building blocks of your company’s brand promise and delivery. Thus providing a solid foundation on which your company can build its further success or a solid fall-back position in a time of crisis.


The Circle of Strength is aimed at creating awareness of your personal strengths as your own KPI’s, while the Authentic Leadership Through Storytelling Workshop helps you understand the power of sharing and the ability you possess to inspire others with your personal stories and lessons learned.


Corporate culture and brand identity are explored and brought to life via branding through the Archetypes Workshop which offers management of meaning as part of the Brand asset and helps the company personalize its marketing communication.


Expand your and the company’s capacity for resilience through Realising Resilience or Mindfulness Training. To initiate change, you sometimes just need to hear an Inspirational Speech or embark on a Group or an Executive Wellbeing Coaching.


Training of Sophia Academy Licensed Internal Coaches is designed to develop training and coaching capacities within your organisation to support your transformation processes and provide you with a full autonomy over the internal coaching progress.

Saša Bavec, PhD, MBA

KNAUF Insulation
Managing Director Systems Division & Group Marketing Director

During the time of the first Corona lockdown in Europe we have started the collaboration with Sophia Academy with Circle of Strength. It was meant at the beginning to be mainly as a mental wellbeing support for employees. We have been surprised by the positive impact on people’s mood, the change was amazing and I must say that I have not seen so many smiling faces as during the last sessions of the Circle of Strength trainings already for a long time. Positive feedbacks were a driver to decide to embark further several groups of employees on different workshops/trainings offered by Sophia Academy. It has been interesting to see that the results have been always the same – smiling employees, employees that have started to understand their strengths better, they have suddenly understood also their colleagues better and the whole team dynamics improved a lot. It was noticed that we have all started to appreciate the diversity much more as well. There was a powerful learning of my team colleagues that being authentic is much more powerful when one tries to lead and influence the people. It was also a learning that inspiration should come from your own stories. At the end our employees were much more positive and engaged and they had all feeling of empowerment and responsibility at the same time. The Archetype workshop was a specially funny exercise with a serious outcome. Teams have been discovering our company as a personality and try to step in its shoes and at the same time define Knauf Insulation brand storyline. All this positive outcomes have encouraged us in Knauf Insulation to build our full corporate culture program “Living KI Way” around trainings and workshops that Sophia Academy is offering. As the first step a Management Board and Top 100 managers will embark on this 100 days long journey which will lead them from self-discovery, “team-discovery” to “KI brand-discovery” and help them develop their own authentic ways of communication and interactions with internal colleagues, customers and other third party stakeholders.

SOPHIA is Empowering Colleagues ALL around the GLOBE:

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