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The Story Of Sophia

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

– Louisa May Alcott

Sophia stands for Integrity, Authenticity, Sovereignty, Wisdom and Love

Sophia is anchored in science and is at the same time sourcing from ancient wisdom, bringing the universal knowledge of living community back into trusted Corporate Wellbeing.

Sophia’s Purpose and Way

Sophia Academy was born from a deep desire to support sustainable positive change in our society through fostering Corporate Wellbeing.

Some of the aspects of Corporate Wellbeing, as believed by Sophia, include physical and mental wellbeing of employees, their health and safety, as well as nurturing, empowered and purpose driven employees, providing authentic leadership on all levels of the organisation, aligned strategy and corporate culture, and a company brand loved by employees and customers.

Employees who are aware of their strengths and are empowered to use them in their own authentic way aligned with the company’s purpose are the key building element of successful companies and of prosperous, sustainable societies.


Sophia’s Way started with Saša’s self-inquiry project

The Sophia Storytelling approach, combined with elements of Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology is based on the personal and professional life journey of Saša Božič, the Founder of Sophia Academy, including the powerful experience of the 30-day Camino Pilgrimage. It is further complemented and enhanced by the contribution of Maja Metličar, the Co-Founder of Sophia Academy.

Sophia Academy is a ‘Comprehensive’ package of online and offline trainings, workshops, online and offline coaching sessions for groups and individuals, and follow-up practices.

The journey with Sophia is systematically structured into three main building blocks – Being, Doing and Living, that build on one another.


The Being module is there to unlock personal strengths of employees, activate their authentic leadership potential and reconnect individuals to their team. Storytelling is the underlying principle of this module that leads an employee’s understanding of their Journey from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

The journey continues with the Doing module where employees explore the company’s corporate culture and develop understanding of how to live it in the most authentic way. They begin to understand they are empowered and responsible “to be the change they want to see in the world”. By walking the talk, they start to actively communicate the company’s brand identity to colleagues internally and customers, clients externally. This leads employees from “we” to “us” as a Brand”.

The last module, Living, develops and enhances your company’s capacity for resilience by strengthening the ability of employees to constructively meet setbacks and unpredictable circumstances and continue thriving. They receive tools and practices to maintain and expand the learnings of all three modules in their everyday life and work.


Sophia Academy is here to support your self-rediscovery process and nurture your corporate culture and brand identity building process in the initial stages of your journey towards Corporate Wellbeing.

The special Train the Trainer Program was created to help you strengthen your company’s capabilities to autonomously navigate towards Corporate Wellbeing. With your own internal Sophia Academy Coaches you will consistently continue implementing the principles of Sophia Academy coaching and workshops into your everyday work and culture.

Sophia’s Global Team


Saša Božič

Sophia Academy CEO, Founder and ICF Executive Coach

Saša (Sasha) Božič is an ICF Executive Coach, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Business Developer for UAE and India, and an International Keynote Speaker and Author. For 26 years, she has taken on numerous roles in corporations across Europe, Middle East and India, as a strategic advisor, who connects the dots between the successful business, branding and storytelling strategies, and Employee Wellbeing Programs (EWP). Presenting EWP activities and measures to executives and locally adapting them to engage employees through holistic measures, she believes the most added value towards achieving Corporate goals can be provided with authentic leaders and empowered, happy, and healthy employees. Read more…


Sunil Hasmukharay

Director of Asia-Pacific Region, Leadership and Change Management Coach

President at Malaysia Positive Psychology Association

Sunil Hasmukharay has been an international speaker since the tender age of 17, when he was first invited to speak by the United Nations. Since then he has travelled to about 30 countries, training, coaching, and speaking to about 100,000 people globally over the last 18 years. Read more…


Petra Tolja

Director of Sales Middle East and India

Petra’s addiction to the travel industry started at an early age. In her first summer job, at the age of 14, she started selling excursions and day trips at a local travel agency. She still remembers how thankful she felt for the opportunity of having a job where she could develop her communication skills and learn, while meeting new people. Read more…


Petra Kodrič

Chief Operations Officer and Corporate Security Consultant

Petra started her professional career at the age of 20, when she took over the management of a logistics company due to a web of unforeseen circumstances. Working in a dynamic international environment has given her invaluable experiences in running and managing a company. Read more…

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