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Petra Kodrič

Chief Operations Officer and Corporate Security Consultant


Petra started her professional career at the age of 20, when she took over the management of a logistics company due to a web of unforeseen circumstances. Working in a dynamic international environment has given her invaluable experiences in running and managing a company.

In 2015, she attended and successfully completed a summer school in Toronto at Ryerson University, Canada, majoring in International Business. Cooperation with a business partner within the field of corporate security led her to pursue her professional education and career path in the field of corporate security and risk management. She will finish with her Masters of corporate security and risk management by the end of 2020. Since 2019, she has been a member of Asis International, international organization for security management professionals and ICS – Institute for corporative security, Slovenia.

As she believes corporate security has shifted from protecting companies from risks, to being a new source of competitive advantage, she is honored to join Sophia Academy’s team as Chief Operations Officer and Corporate Security consultant.

Despite rapid development in technology and AI, human factor is still one of the most vital segments of corporate security. Taking a holistic enterprise security risk management approach has become the only way to stand a chance of increasing a company’s security resilience and helping companies to reach that goal is her life mission.

In the beginning of 2020 she was also a part of organization team member of Women Economic Forum Slovenia 2020 event and is an active member of Women Indian Chamber of industry and Commerce Business Council.

Petra’s references:


Rok Zajc

Chief Executive Officer – Beglobal digital marketing agency, Slovenia

Petra is hard-working, dedicated and precise. Her aim is to be successful and prosper within and outside her own frameworks. She is sociable and outgoing. Petra likes to help others, and she always participates in team work. She is easy talking, non-conflict person which I enjoyed working with very much. She is definitely one of the persons I’d love to have on my team and work with on a daily basis.

She always finds the right solution for her clients, which saves a lot of money and time. Petra is a person with the right vision, and that’s why I enjoy working with her.


Marko Perčič

Technical Director, Hyla d.o.o., Slovenia

I have been working with Petra and their family business for many years and over the years she has proven herself as very responsible person you can count on. She is always ready to listen and with her passion for work she often makes many situations easier for us. She is dedicated, diligent and responsible in her work, but what I value most about her is reliability. As a customer, we always feel that we are important to her and she always makes an effort to achieve our business goals.


Ms.c. Miran Vršec

DPO, ICS Ljubljana, Slovenia

With her energy, knowledge and experience, Petra actively participates in the meetings of the Association for corporate security and thus adds value to the networking of knowledge and good practices between recognized experts in the field of corporate security and risk and human management resources in various organizations, especially in those that manage the critical infrastructure of the Republic Slovenia and provide essential services in the field of informatics and information security. In the study process she is one of the most active students, therefor she with her active participation in the study process enriches her knowledge and gains on the competitiveness of knowledge in the field of risk management. She further upgrades and perfects this knowledge with her experiences of many years gained by working as a COO of a family business. By understanding and implementing modern forms and methods of human resource management and her immense energy and positive approach she demonstrates the ability to manage human resources and risks in the company thereby achieving a higher level of employee satisfaction and raising the added value of implementation processes in the company. Through her active cooperation with the Institute for Corporate Security Studies and the Association for corporate security she further upgrades and complements her competence and knowledge. She also shows her professionalism with her personal orderliness and high motivation addressing even the most demanding security challenges.

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