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Maja Metličar

Chief Spiritual Officer, Transformational Coach


Maja began her professional path as a criminal lawyer and worked for the biggest District State Prosecutors Office in Slovenia for seven years. During that time, she also served as Seconded National Expert for Slovenia at the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation in the Hague, Netherlands. After deciding on a radical career change, she travelled and lived between Europe and Bali for the next seven years. She now works as a transformational mentor and guide, promoting a way of being and doing that is deeply aligned with our essence, our highest potential, and an authentic human connection. She is also a certified RYS 200 yoga teacher. She believes that presence, authentic leadership, and purpose are the cornerstones for the change we all wish to see in our world.


Maja also founded the Temple for Irresistible tribe, an international online platform for sensitive leaders to come together and further develop their gifts within a safe and supportive space. In 2020, she was part of the Women Economic Forum Slovenia team, as a program co-curator and a moderator.

Maja’s references:

Milena Dubs

Transformational Coach, Holistic Healer, Feminine Embodiment Educator

Maja’s work is unbelievable. There are so many coaches, healers and mentors out there and I worked with dozens of them. Maja has the unique capability to really, really see you for who you truly are. And this is the greatest medicine for this world. I have only experienced this with 1 or 2 other people in my life and working with Maja was really heart-opening and real. Maja translates into words what many of us can only feel. Her spectrum of feeling and understanding is vast. She is so devoted to her work and her mission and she shines from her deepest core, which makes you want to shine from deep within as well. Authenticity and truth are the words that come to my mind when thinking about Maja. Maja is a person that you immediately trust, she creates a sacred space for you to unveil who you truly are and she gives you the tools to carry this message out into this world. Thank you, Maja, you are so unique and you always make me feel like being home.

Katie Brockhurst

Social Media Mentor and Coach, Award Winning Author

Maja’s connection to the energies & spirit has always felt very true for me. Her ability to hold space & show up for her soul work I find inspiring, as I know what it takes for her to share it with us. And her guided meditations touch my soul deeply in ways my head does not understand. She is supportive, gentle & kind in her approach, which I appreciate very much.

Melissa Miller

Personal Brand and Business Designer

Maja is such a deeply embodied example of a new-paradigm entrepreneur: completely authentic in her self-expression, fully surrendered to the unprecedented unfolding of her deepest truth at every turn, playing simultaneously on both the energetic and material planes, and fully honoring her humanity and her divinity, herself and the whole, each step of the way. Her frequency activations, her spot-on articulations about what’s happening in the energetic influxes and shifts, her ego-melting/soul-opening meditations, and the online programs she’s held such incredible space for have helped me melt into higher vibrations, embrace an entirely new way of creating and being of service, and understand how beautiful and beneficial it is to show up in this new way. If you are interested in being authentically yourself, experiencing the profound joy and abundance of sharing your most natural gifts with the world, and receiving an infinitude of love and nourishing energetic support as you go, I would highly recommend Maja and her work… the field she creates, and the example she provides are a magical combination for helping you to discover, create, and share your most authentic self, and your most soul-inspired creations with the world.

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