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Realising Resilience Workshop

After fully entering the concept and sphere of Doing, and being exposed to daily challenges and unpredictable situations, participants are soon reminded that life is never perfect. As much as they wish for things to “just go our way,” difficulties are inevitable, and they all have to deal with these issues. The Realizing Resilience Workshop is designed to help them cope with just that. To help them recover from setbacks and adapt to challenging circumstances.

Resilience is a foundational psychological tool that empowers people to feel effective and capable of handling uncertainty. Experts confirm that resilience is a quality and a skill that can be enhanced, developed and improved, yet requires effort and consistency.

During this workshop, participants discuss several situations that require resilience and find their own authentic ways of handling such challenges and unpredictable situations. On top of that, the training provides a set of tools participants can use, so nothing is going to stop them from meeting their challenges and changing the world for the better.

Sustainable Mindfulness Training

Empowerment, self-sustainability, and sovereignty are core values of Sophia Academy. Even if it might sound counterintuitive, we believe in making ourselves nonessential through the workshops, coaching, and trainings we provide.

The Sophia mindfulness practice is a collection of simple tools that will help you sustain and further develop your resilience.


This part consists of guided practices and tutorials that fit into your day and will fully support you in creating your own resilience toolkit and your personal mindfulness routines.

The goal of these two trainings is to maintain and expand your resilience capacity and continue building on everything you experienced through the first two steps of Being and Doing.

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