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Branding Through Archetypes Workshop

After successfully embarking on a journey back to ‘me’ and ‘we as a team’, participants will use this newly embodied awareness and the same journey method to intimately deepen their understanding of the brand (company) they represent.

Participants will walk this part of the journey in the shoes of the brand (company), discovering ‘himself’ or ‘herself’ as a person and an archetype – taking them on the same journey they already went through in the Circle of Strength and Authentic Leadership with Storytelling. This will transition them from ‘we as a team’ to ‘us as brand.

The main objective of this workshop is for participants to clearly identify and understand Corporate personality, values, and purpose. On top of that, participants also discover how to live, interact, behave, and communicate as a Brand (Company) in an authentic way. At the same time, the alignment among the participants is achieved around who the Brand (Company) is, what the Brand (Company) is doing, how and why the Brand (Company) does things.

Developing the most critical element of ‘what our brand represents’ was too often a non-systematic and careless process. This results in marketing teams reinventing the brand over and over again, and in doing so often diluting or even destroying its true meaning.


The Sophia concept of Doing offers a structure for understanding and describing the archetypes that have already provided a powerful identity for numerous winning brands.

This journey will bring your team to intimately understand the essence of your brand, its purpose and meaning, and consequently activating the ability to most efficiently present it to your clients, thus reducing the constant reinventing of the brand, but just simply tuning in to its identity and focusing on the strengths you wish to bring forth.

Rajesh Nair

TATA Motors, India
Head HR Commercial Vehicles, Sales & Customer Care

Sophia’s head Coach and CEO Sasa Bozic, brilliantly demonstrated the power of Storytelling through Sophia Academy’s workshop for our senior leaders. Leaders recognize that human connections need to come before concepts and strategies: connect first with your prospective customers, your audiences – then get down to business. She brought in the powerful insight that stories make us see sense in the world by turning chaos in something we understand and follow by bringing life to data and facts.

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