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Circle of Strength - Unlock Your Personal Strengths

People are most engaged when they feel well. Sophia’s Way begins with a personal journey of returning to remembering the participants’ personal strengths. During the program participants unlock and consciously start using them in their everyday life. Empowered through their own self- inquiry realisation, participants are brought back to their teams, understanding how their full potential can contribute to the corporate big picture.


This transition and further employment of these newly discovered strengths is supported by the Wheel of Life, the MBTI and VIA Character Strengths test. Through this training employees begin to better understand their own strengths and how to use them in the best way to uplift themselves, their colleagues, and their company. Through this process, their functioning within the company then transitions from ‘me’ back to ‘we’ – which is an integral and integrated part of the corporate whole.

Authentic Leadership Through Storytelling Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to gain understanding and learn how to lead and inspire people from who you authentically are, introducing yourself and your deeds through your own stories. Throughout this workshop, participants have the opportunity to learn about their team’s differences, the most effective ways of communication – for them and for the team, and the value, structure and basics of the ancient art of storytelling.

The Sophia Storytelling approach combines appreciative inquiry and positive psychology techniques with a wholesome package of coaching services developed based on the personal and professional life journey of the Sophia Academy founder, Saša Božič.

During this workshop participants reconnect to their own authentic stories, bringing into awareness their major life milestones and strengths. Sharing them with colleagues, which enables participants to reconnect to ‘we’, their teams, on a deeper level.

Saška Žvan

CDE nove tehnologije & Linea directa / part of M+ Group
General Manager of Slovenia Operations, Procurator

We live in the most challenging times, witnessing a worldwide transformation of human behaviours, needs and wants.

We started to cooperate with Sophia Academy even before the epidemic outbreak, out of a desperate need to cope with changes around us, to get back a positive perspective on the world, to find an individual authenticity buried by external motivators. We stepped into this journey with caution, but already after a few sessions it was clear that we all needed this like air. Together with “Sophia” we started a journey that helped us to empower employees, reconnect individuals back with the team, to remind each other that we are all different and worth appreciating for what we are. To learn how to find the best in people (co-workers), to understand our differences and harness potentials and strengths of each individual. But we are far from being done.

Furtheron, Covid triggered many unknowns and people are becoming more and more afraid, uncertain and doubtful. Now, more than ever, we need to think how to protect the health of the team – how to focus on physical health as well as mental well-being, to figure out how to maximize the social connectivity when working remotely, to help them understand how to cope in the new world, how to build a sustainable hybrid working model of onsite and remote working, etc. and at the same time how to maintain positive corporate culture and brand. We are well aware that we can not do it on our own.

And there is no better partner than Sophia Academy, with whom we see ourselves continuing this path – path of BEING, DOING, LIVING.

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