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The Magic of Change

When was the last time that you believed in the magic of life? That your dreams can come true, that you have your own mission to accomplish and that you are here for a reason. Every single moment can be that potential breakthrough when you reconnect with yourself, believe and accomplish everything that you once knew is possible. Even if that brings changes.

Change. Such a powerful word that can confront many challenges. However, change is always possible. Consistency, strong inner power and a sincere wish are wonderful tools that can help replace old habits with new ones. Psychologists say that in order to conquer a new habit and incorporate it into your daily routine one needs to repeat it daily for a period of at least three months. What would you say happens if you repeat that new habit for 365 days…without a pause?

Empowered by the beauty and positivism of the Spring I would like to share a story with you that you may find inspiring. It may also inspire you to change if you feel this is something that you would need in your life right now. Today, dear readers, I would like to share a story of my personal transformation.

Doing Something Bigger than Me

In April 2017, on the day of a new moon, I found myself at the foot of Machu Picchu in Peru. It was that moment with our Inca guide Jose when I decided to start a project of gathering inspirations from the citizens of the world. This idea has been in my heart for a long time. Every day, after that changing moment with Jose, I opened up to receive positive messages coming from the world around me. I focused on listening to hear, not just to replay and to hear a positive thing. Those positive messages and inspirations were given to me by random strangers, my family, friends, colleagues, animals as well as nature and culture I was surrounded with. My goal was to find something inspiring each day, fully embrace it, enjoy it, and let that inspiration empower me to face new challenges. Every day, for 365 days. Soon after my initial day in Peru, I decided to share the inspiring thoughts through social media too, not keeping them to myself, incidentally creating a community along the way. A group of people, who thought alike, posted comments and made sure that their comments were inspiring to other people, too. More and more people joined us every day, people who decided to focus their attention on the positive things in their lives.

When the Project of 365 inspiring stories from the citizens of the world started coming to an end in the early months of 2018, I felt I have to do something bigger than me for the end. Something that would be completely out of my comfort zone. Something that would also challenge me as a coach and put my coaching work to the test.

A Pilgrimage Made Me Realize New Horizons of Personal Transformation

The Spanish pilgrim route Camino has been calling me for a long time and so the time has come for me to set off. I put on an 8-kg heavy backpack and hiking boots and embarked on 800 kilometres long journey from Saint Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I walked the French route of the Camino with the intention to follow a personal path of self-discovery.

I will write more about both paths in my following blogs on the theme of Personal Transformation. I promise to write from my travels and from all the diverse places where people live. Sometimes they look so different from me on the outside but at the same time, they are so alike. I came to realize that we all share the same sincere desire that connects us – wish to be accepted for who we truly are. I write more about this topic in my newest book The Storyteller and in my next blog. I am very excited to share all the stories with you, dear readers. These stories enable me to connect, they give me the opportunity to use my knowledge and experiences to encourage you to make bold steps forward towards your vision, following your life mission. Be BOLD, my dear readers.

Big hug to ALL.

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