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Gender Equality vs. Inner Sexism among Women

I’ve spent this year’s International Women’s Day at Women Economic Forum in The Hague together with Women from all over the world. The conference that happened exactly on that special date, 8th of March, was a great experience for me as a speaker and attendee as well. Feeling unified with these Ladies into “All Ladies League” has inspired me right from the opening, when Dr Harbeen Arora, the first chair of the WEF, addressed all of us using the words: “Dear Soul Sisters.”

Until now, professional and personal life has mainly brought me collaborations and relations with men. Thus, being surrounded mainly by male energy has made me feel less comfortable with the female one. I’ve given it a lot of thought, why is that so. And it might just be that my primary female character had in a way “betrayed” me as a child. The feeling of its unreliability toward authentic and safe “Me” was just too strong. Thus, it has always held me back from forming close relationships with Women.

Contemplating this feeling on the conference, among all these ladies empowering each-other with affection and respect, I decided to take this as an opportunity for changing my perspective towards genders. Simply because opening up and allowing things to be different was crucial for me to feel the support of WEF sisterhood as a genuine, authentic one.

All those Women at the WEF and the wonderful stories of their achievements, all the ways they fight for the Gender Equality to be able to work and create, were beyond fascinating!

The Reality of Gender Equality in Europe

Somehow, in the beginning, I felt lonely with my inner challenges towards gracious female sincerity. But then, a young woman appeared on the stage. She was Russian, living in Europe, and her story was based on her immigration to Europe and the great job opportunity she was given here.

It was a story about the realisation, that what she had heard in Russia about the gender equality in the western world was not exactly as rosy as she had been told. Observing situation from its corporate core revealed that not all jobs are equally distributed among both genders and that women are not as represented as they could and should be. The fact was that the corporation which gave her the job did actually not employ as many women as men. There were only a few female employees. Also, the best and the most responsible workplaces on the top of organisational structure were taken by men.

But instead of searching for justice in the situation, she had put on the men’s shoes. Starting to feel their energy she’d found herself looking down to all those women “below” her and to all their immaturity that was supposed to be the reason for not getting/taking greater positions. She simply assumed the attitude of what seemed to be a superior, male energy.

Finishing this intro to her story, she suddenly broke down on the stage and started crying very hard. She said that the only thing running through her head at that time was… – also my big inner dilemma – …that we might be discussing sexism and all these assaults towards women from men, but the inner conflict between women themselves is causing much more trouble than everything else.

Women expect to be supported by their female peers, but the reality shows that in many cases we are the biggest threat to each-other! We even go so far that we become enemies, envious of others’ success and the attention of the powerful male world.

Inner Sexism May Be the Worst Threat to the Gender Equality

Taken into perspective, this kind of behaviour is even more harmful to female co-existence and co-creativity in the corporate world. Therefore, the big question is: How to overcome and outgrow such behaviour? It is important to learn not only to joyfully let our Female peer reach her potential but also to encourage, support her on her path.

These words have deeply anchored into my thoughts. So, I want to open my heart to the subject and pay attention to letting my old patterns of women betrayal from my professional and personal past… or even better! I have already let it happen. The sole reason it happens shall be let running in the backside of my brain, while I continue my collaboration with all these gorgeous Women from all over the world. My hearty decision is to take my next steps towards open and genuine relationship and to let everything happen the most natural way as it was supposed to.

For conclusion, let me stress again, the possibility of us, women, being the biggest threat to each-other in gender equality exists. Let us acknowledge that. And after acknowledgement, our next step could be to open ourselves up to each other and honestly wish our co-Women success, to support each other to reach our higher potential. Then, we’ll be ready to perform on the world economy stage united in our thoughtful, but firm, sensual, but reliable feminine power.

Dear Ladies, dear Soul Sisters! I wish you all the success in this world and if there’s anything I can do to support you on your path, feel more than welcome to get in touch.

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