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Sasa’s Survival Guide for Empaths – Life Suggestions for Sensitive People

Here I am, back again. I took a break from writing after the New Year’s, as the transition from old year to the new one somehow paused me. – I needed some extra “Me” time, to think and feel what the beginning of 2018 might bring. After the most amazing holidays that I’ve spent with my boys in Slovenia and a moment I could finally take a break from my otherwise packed life, it wasn’t an easy task to leave it all behind, to go back to Dubai and start to work with full speed. Well, I am here now and would like to share with you my thoughts about sensitive people or, as we like to call them, empaths, in this blog post today.

Being a sensitive person is as much of a true blessing, that brings life colours and joy as it can be a real challenge in this wild world of ratio.

Sensitive people have kept a special place in my thoughts for some time now. It’s been awhile since I have wanted to describe my personal experience and story of this type of personality and to draft a simple survival guide on how to handle the world while being an empath.

Let Me Explain What the Word Empath Means to Me

My personal understanding of an empath might not be completely aligned with the academic literature and definitions, so let me explain what it means (and feels) to me first …

Empaths are highly creative people, who are totally open to life and all the impulses of living. It seems like all their inner potentiometers and sensors are on full power. Thus, everything that happens in the world around them causes really strong feelings and this is exactly where their creativity comes from. World and life are amazing and full of colourful experiences. So, everything beautiful going on around them – around us, actually – can be transformed into anything we like to express through: a painting or photo, a written word, a song or poem …

But on the other hand, there comes a moment when empaths get all cells of their “hard disc” filled with the senses, completely full of impulses coming from the outer world, all the relationships in their full intensity … all this together brings empaths to the turning point. The climax, when the cycle turns from high towards down. – But not a “depressed” down or “life-makes-no-sense-anymore” down. Rather, more like the seasons of spring and summer change into fall and winter. I’ve named that phase a hibernation period, in which we take time to sort out all the impulses, experience and put chaos into order. Connecting the dots logically into a small structural mould. It is important to take time during the hibernation period without feeling strange. And all of the above is exactly what I was facing this last 14 days. I’ve simple went on ‘silent mode’.

Many empaths tell me that they feel like something is “wrong” with them and that the conditioning coming from the society around us feels like they are not trying enough. They say they feel that everyone is so stable, while they cannot escape these cycles going round and round, making them feel like something must be very wrong.

But my dear Empaths Tribe gang, it’s all fine! It’s great, actually. We are all different and as rational people need empaths to encourage them to see colours and lift them into some other sensory dimensions, the same way we, empaths, need the rationalists to hold a bar to which we converge when climbing up and sliding down – and simply being. Like an anchor in this world. Moreover, the combination of rationalist and empath can be very graceful – in a romantic partnership or in business relationships. Such combinations are most synchronic among all.

What Is, in My Opinion, the Most Important in All This for Empaths?

There are so many things written on the world web about how we act, what are our amplitudes all about and what it all means for us to internalize that there’s nothing “wrong” with us. As I said before – on the contrary, we are doing more than great! We are the blessings, the sunshines.

However, when we feel we have reached the peak or our cycle when everything is blooming and we feel the highest, we have to be aware that the next phase is to take a break to just breath and be. It is – I’d say it’s a price we pay, but it shouldn’t be taken as a bad thing, so I’ll just say that’s the other pole that balances the high. The hibernation phase will allow us to calm down and think things through. The crucial moment here is to sense this turning point before it takes over us and let ourselves descent slowly and gently, take as many time as we need and come back when we feel like.

It is fair, firstly to ourselves, and then to the others around us, to communicate this clearly and transparently. That way those around us know what’s going on. The other alternative of being fully present at some moment and then disappear completely in the other without even answering calls is not really a good thing to choose.

Let me place a metaphor here: Hiding our ups and downs is similar to having a big ball, full of air and trying to keep it under water in the pool with all our body. We are trying really hard to cover it and push it under the surface, but in moment of distraction it slips our hands, jumps out of the water and splashes everyone around us with all its force…

Of course, everyone around us in that same pool then gets surprised and annoyed by being all wet!

But what if we would gently allow this ball to raise evenly above the surface and let it float on the water? Actually, it wouldn’t bother anyone. Moreover, it would be accepted as something normal.

The same goes for our inner states. Don’t try to suppress them under the water surface. Let’s be honest with ourselves and keep them clear and take what we need as empaths to help ourselves survive this world. Doing so, we’ll be able to give back and contribute to the world the most we can and have even more fun that we already do. Right?

I wish you all a pleasant 2018, I wish you a lot of “high-on-life”, I wish you calm moments of hibernation. Big hug to all and let’s read again soon.

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