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The Electric Light Didn’t Come from Continuous Improvment of Candles; Transformation vs Change

I’ve read a quote from Oren Harari the other day saying: »The Electric Light did not come from continuous improvement of candles.« And it made me think about my plans and goals for »tomorrow«. Am I, trying to accomplish them, improving the candles or am I taking an »out of the box« approach that might help me invent something completely new? The main difference, I believe, comes from the concept I would like to share with you today. Transformation vs Change approach and application of that approach to the corporate culture and successful business. Wanna join 😉?

Transformation vs Change: The Main Differences Are Perspective and Boldness

For me personally, simple change comes as the last option. Because it just fixes the past. We feel that something does not fit and that we couldn’t adapt to it. So we change it. Is the production process too expensive? Let’s see what we can change to make it cheaper. Is the way our offices are distributed logical? No? Ok, then we will change them to make them more appropriate.

But on the other hand, to me, the transformation is very appealing and when I sense it, my eyes sparkle and I am totally for it. Why? Because it comes from the vision of the future. We want to make a new production line that will bring a high-end product with maximum added value for the user. Let’s transform our production! Don’t get me wrong here – through discovering products and the ways to make them, we will also make sure that our production costs are optimized. But the result won’t be about the cheaper production, it will be about the new amazing product.

When speaking about transformation vs change, it’s all about the perspective and the boldness.

And the perspective of vision for transformation is exactly what has been the best motivational factor within teams I worked with as we were practising it to motivate team colleagues and employees, too.

Why Using the Transformational Approach Is More Effective?

People usually don’t like to feel they have to do something different because the previous way of doing it was wrong or bad or not effective enough: “This product is not good enough, make it better.” Thus, change as something that makes everything “–er” (better, nicer, bigger) is many times a turn off due to its negative relationship towards the past. So people by default start to grow negative emotions towards it.

But what if we said: “Guys, I have this amazing idea about our new product. It is going to be completely out of the box and I know that with each and every one on your team we can really create something beyond expectations. So, here’s my vision for it!!” Well, you don’t exactly have to put it this way, but I believe, I managed to make the point what I mean by the vision for transformation … 😉 However, in this example, no one should feel like they’ve been doing something wrong in the past – and here you have your opportunity to establish the pure genuine enthusiasm! And not some requirements based on negative feelings …

To Create a Better Future, Be Bold Enough to Choose the Transformation

It’s true, the goal of the change and the transformation is the same: to get something different that we have today. But while the first is about improving the past and walking the similar path again, just different to make it “something–er”, the second is all about setting a goal and then finding a path to it from scratch. It might be similar than before, but taking it from a totally different perspective might also bring many amazing discoveries along the way. What do you say?

For the conclusion, let me expose one last but very important fact. When you will be faced with the transformation vs change, it really will be your boldness that will turn the scale. But at the end of the day, even if you go for the transformation and don’t feel it, it might be even more difficult to succeed. Because the decision, vision, and courage all have to come from your very core. They all should come from the real wish for the growth of your business from head to toe, actually. Because people distinguish the fake from the real very easily.

So, if you are on your way towards great innovations and achievements, I warmly recommend you to choose the transformation. And if you struggle with finding your authentic boldness – I’m here to offer you a hand. 🙂

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