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Don’t Let Your Most Passionate Employees Become Quiet

Empty hearts. Tired faces. Eyes without a spark. Slow steps down the hallway. Shaky hands. I’ve seen it all. And it hurt me. It still hurts me now when I think of all these highly motivated and passionate people being taken down by the toxic workplace climate. But I am not the only one concerned about it. – Recently, I’ve noticed an article about how the passion for work and lust for life are disappearing and people just go with it, not saying a thing. But we have to say something. So, I prepared this blog post for all of us today, to contemplate and discuss why most passionate employees become quiet and why we shouldn’t let it happen.

Workplace Climate Should Support the Employees’ Inner Motivation

My professional path took me to many places and reading Jonathan’s words filled me with emotions. Memories came alive and I remembered the first time I’ve seen and felt the Quietness happen in a very successful corporation. At first, I was telling myself, it’s all people. They do not know how to improve their self-motivation. There’s so much they can be grateful for! Thus, by making my own passion contagious enough to re-motivate them, I tried to inspire them by example.

But it did not work as planned. To make the long story short, let me just say that soon I started to realize that despite the most productive and engaged people are motivated from the inside, the leadership approach should be aligned with that. Otherwise, these people won’t last long, no matter how hard they try to keep their passion and work on their inner motivation. And yes, you’ve guessed right, it happened to me, too.

Why Do Our Most Passionate Employees Become Quiet and How to Prevent It

There are different reasons for lack of passion in organizations. But most of them originate from the general leadership style. To prevent your most passionate employees become quiet it is crucial to establish, reinforce and keep the following:

  • Being true to the values of the organization and aligning them with your leadership approach.
    Your employees feel and see when you are passionate about a project or a task and respond to that. Let their response be positive by mirroring your positive example. And don’t adopt the values in a selfish way – be generous to everyone in the company. When big stacks are won, share fairly. Just as simple as that.
  • Honest, transparent and regular communication with your team, and a clear vision.
    Speak to everyone. All of them together, in smaller groups, or individually, when necessary. Make your people feel informed, important, heard, and taken into account. Trust them with the vision of the company, objectives and challenges. Let each take part of the responsibility they have by letting them know where you are all heading together. And let them feel empowered by letting them know, you are there for them.
  • Consistent behaviour towards all your team members and not favouring or neglecting any of them.
    Don’t let your employees feel overlooked. Neither let them feel that others are privileged. Just be fair to all of them and be objective without taking any preferences. This will take a lot of self-control, personal growth, and internal reflexion. But it will be worth it.

Back to Authentic Leadership

Coming from the executives, through middle management and towards each and every employee, I believe that authentic leadership can help improve most of the above-mentioned factors. Nevertheless, it was developed as a response to these organizational challenges and this is a first step towards the re-motivation of your team members.

A smart man once said: “Not having passion is just as contagious as having it.” Let’s respond to this fact by being the leaders of the better tomorrow. – Let’s embrace our mission and lit the fire in hearts of each and every member of our team to keep the positive drive in our organizations.

Just don’t let your most passionate employees become quiet. And let me know if you could use some help with that.

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