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How Happiness Habits Increased My Wellbeing

Happiness has become a focal point among wellbeing professionals all over the world. The idea is coming from Buthan where they in 2008 for the first time mentioned the GNH – Gross National Happiness in the constitution. During my intense work in Dubai, I was for the first time explained the whole happiness approach on a level of providing it as a common good for all citizens. Actually, it turned out that happiness is not something that only the Middle East is aware of. Soon I realised, happiness is all over the global corporate world! The most successful companies, the most advanced leaders, and the most inspiring people were “into the happiness approach” as a way of increasing personal and professional wellbeing in the contemporary lifestyle. And all that together inspired me to develop my own happiness habits with the intention to increase my wellbeing.

For me, personally, happiness is the word that brings it all together. All aspects of life, from being able to provide roof above your children’s heads and feel safe and secure in the country, where you live, to the work and income satisfaction, are important factors of one’s happiness. Sure, there are things in life we cannot change much and have to accept or work our way around them. But let’s just agree on that, on the other hand, there is also a lot we can do ourselves. For starters, we can build happiness habits. Let me tell you a story about how I did it …

Building Happiness Habits, Step by Step

“That’s it! What can be better for one’s wellbeing and inspiration than happiness?” was my first thought when I had the first opportunity to speak with leaders promoting happiness as one of the essentials for a quality life. Because I’m all about creating and contributing and nothing makes me happier than sharing happiness, joy, and laughter. Therefore, I took a good look at it and realised happiness it’s not only about what you are allowed and provided. It’s much more about inner motivation and determination to take the first step. So I chose to develop my own happiness habits.

With intention of becoming a happier person came the choice to change the way I was living my life. I chose gratitude, patience, peace and kindness. I chose to help, to say no, to keep going and to let go. It was never easy knowing which way to go. But soon I learned to listen to my inner self and following my heart helped me to develop a balanced system of the happiness habits.

The 5 Happiness Habits I Chose and How They Contributed to my Wellbeing

  1. Happiness habit of gratitude brought me optimism and positivity.
  2. With patience and peace, I learned to trust in tomorrow and make the best out of today.
  3. Kindness at the workplace and in the private life made me enjoy the company of my close ones more. Also, as a logical positive consequence, I developed another of the most important happiness habits – choosing relationships that were beneficial for everyone involved.
  4. The decision to keep going towards the goals I have set for myself increased my trust in my mission and kept me focused and calm on my life path.
  5. However, letting go the helpless situations, relationships, battles, and even projects sometimes, was also an important happiness factor to choose. It helped me to direct more energy towards the successful ones.

As a bonus happiness habit, I have saved the best for the end. It’s simple. Be yourself. Find the good in you, open your heart, and go for it. It will give you wings to fly and roots to come back to. It will inspire those around you not to follow, but to find their own paths. Because every one of us has a purpose in this world. And what we are looking for is that one day when we’ll have to say goodbye we’ll also be able to say: “Thank you for letting me be the best version of myself and make this earthly world a bit better place to live.”

Your Next Step towards Developing Your Own Happiness Habits …

No change is simple at first, but for me, developing the happiness habits took an important share of my personal transformational path when I was reinventing myself – as they like to say these days. Today, when I feel like being an empowered woman, full of energy and inspiration, I can say, it was worth it. Actually, it was the crucial part of the recovery process from the hurt and pain I was feeling before.

Still today, I believe, happiness is not something we are given. It is something we build through the personal happiness habits.

Would you like to speak about what could make you happy and how to achieve it? Let us know …

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