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Discover Your True Self through Archetypes

Living our mission means simply that our physical actions are in tune with our internal – emotional, spiritual, rational – selves. But how can we act in tune with our inner self if we do not know the latter just yet? Well, even if it’s not easy or pleasing to hold a mirror and confront all the good and not so good within us, it is the only way to start getting to know ourselves right and reach for what we truly want. Actually, this can be done by discovering and getting to know our archetypes.

Before I continue, let me confide in you that I also did it, the whole getting-to-know-myself thing … My amazing, highly spiritual, but also brutally earthy coach Teja inspired me. – Well, she’s a real inspirer for me as she also played a crucial role when the idea of my 365 project was born.

So, how I did it?

Simply, I consciously made the decision of taking each and every mirror and look at it. Fearless, with no filters or embellishments. Mirror by mirror, recognition after recognition, I was coming closer to finding who I really am. Completly cathartic experience, I can tell. There were discoveries that made me contemplate a lot, and those exactly were the moments that inspired me the most. I found my very essence hiding behind high and strong walls of every day plays distinguishing the insight.

Due to my personal experience, I continued to research the most appropriate ways to get to know who we really are. Doing so I learned that Archetype Coaching just might be the most common and wholesome approach – and I still use it. Let me tell you, how.

What Are Archetypes and How Can They Help Me Get to Know Myself Better?

Historically important men, such as Plato and Carl Jung, are known to define and use archetypes in order to better understand peoples’ personality and behaviour. In addition to that, Caroline Myss is teaching that there are 12 archetype energies each of us chooses to be used in life. Through getting to know them, we get very close to getting to know our true selves.

These 12 archetypes can be divided into 4 survival archetypes and 8 other. First four are common to all people:

  1. Child,
  2. Victim,
  3. Saboteur,
  4. and Prostitute,

but the remaining 8 are those which make us unique and should yet be identified. By asking ourselves about the permanence and frequency of certain archetype’s presence, we are able to distinguish them. So, when picking our 8 main archetypes from the list, for each that we feel like it could fit, we have to honestly and precisely research whether it is occurring very often in many different life situations and whether it is present through all of our life. This way we eliminate accompanying archetypes that in contrary only “show up” in certain situations.

  1. ego & personality,
  2. life values,
  3. self-expression & siblings,
  4. home,
  5. creativity & good fortune,
  6. occupation & health,
  7. marriage & relationships,
  8. other people’s resources,
  9. spirituality,
  10. highest potential,
  11. interaction with the world,
  12. the unconscious.

Are You Ready to Discover Your Archetypes?

If yes, you can try finding your 12 main archetypes and apply them to each twelfth of your wheel. And remember, while doing it, be honest with yourself – don’t pick those appealing to you, try to be objective and pick those that are the most likely to be part of your true self by being the longest and the most present in your everyday life. But I, at this point, have to finish my writing for today, wishing you good luck and letting you know that if you need any help, I will be happy if you get in touch.

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